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Michael G. Carnes


When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left and could say, ‘I used everything you gave me.’ – Erma Bombeck

A 34 year veteran of the entertainment industry, Michael G. Carnes is respected industry-wide for his expertise in the fields of television and film production and direction. Having managed notable film and television studios in both Nashville and Los Angeles, he is intimately aware of the intricate and dynamic nature of the ever evolving industry. A producer and director for videos, film, concert, corporate events, and more, Michael is renowned for the delicate balance of both warmth and professionalism he brings to each production, delivering an unparalleled final product while developing lasting relationships with clients built on an unwavering faith in the basic goodness of the human spirit, that which imbues both his professional and personal conduct.

A long time personal acquaintance of as well as fan of Disney Director, John Cherry’s work, Michael and John developed an enduring friendship while both attending an area men’s retreat. Buoyed by common interests and the conviction to inspire change via entertainment media, the two began to collaborate on a new movie project, “The Pilate Verdict”. As their friendship deepened, Michael was struck by John’s uncanny dedication to work, laugh, and live life to the fullest – all while managing the ever increasing and substantial toll of Parkinson’s disease.

Inspired by his remarkable friend, it struck Michael that, though the fight against other diseases received notable attention and massive funding via highly organized public campaigns, awareness of Parkinson’s remains relatively dim in the public consciousness. Galvanized to make a change, Michael committed to utilizing his skills and expertise within the entertainment industry to make a difference. Currently developing the inaugural Parkinson’s Ball and a documentary, Michael is now wholly committed to supporting further research that will one day eradicate the existence of Parkinson’s disease. Utilizing the unique story of his courageous and incomparable friend, it is Michael’s hope and belief that the resulting documentary will inform, entertain and most of all – inspire – reminding all touched by this debilitating disease to never lose hope and to, as John would attest – “keep on movin’.”