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Our Mission

A nonprofit production company founded to help other nonprofit organizations to help others.  To utilize decades of experience in production, from film making, national advertising spots and event productions, to help other nonprofits achieve their media production needs.  Palette Productions motto simply is: “Helping Others to Help Others”


Current Projects

Anti-Buyllying Documentary

According to Gentry & Pickel (2014), estimates of prevalence rates differ depending on the methodology and sample used. However, overall data suggest that “24 percent to 45 percent, or 12 to 24 million  of U.S. school children are bullied during the course of a year,  Palette is working with Bob Holmes, The One Man Vollyball team on some video shorts for his website and for schools.  He has talked to over 5 million children about Bullying and Teen Suicide and we are looking at putting together an informational documentary about what is happening in our schools today and how bullying effects everyone.

Human Trafficking Documentary

Human Trafficking and call it what it is, sex slavery and kidnapping, has become a major crime in our own country and in your city.  Working with the Tennessee group, End Slavery in TN, over 1100 cases of young girls were reported last year in Tennessee alone. According to the U.S. State Department, 600,000 to 800,000 people are trafficked across international borders every year, of which 80% are female and half are children. Most are young girls between the ages of 12 and 14. between 14,500 and 17,500 people are trafficked into the U.S. each year and is reportedly the 3 largest crime industry in the world generating and estimated 35 Billion dollars a year, mostly (over 80%) selling young girls for sex. 

Veterans Documentary

Our veterans need our support and our recognition for their service.  It is not only the Governments duty to see that they are supported after their service and their re-entrance back into civilian life, it is ours, the people they swore to protect.  Palette will be producing a fundraising concert/festival next fall for not only our wounded soldiers but our soldiers coming out of the service and trying to work and live a life in the civilian world they have been protecting, and even first responders who put their lives on the line every day for you and me.  To many times they are forgotten.  On top of the fundraiser, i will say this here and now, if you see a veteran or first responded out and at a restaurant, at least go up and thank them for their service and pick up their tab. If you can spend money on a potential girlfriend, or a potential client, how about for someone that actually already has done much for you by committing their life to serve and protect you.

Parkinson’s Documentary

A Parkinson’s Documentary will be previewed at Nashville’s first annual Parkinson’s Ball in mid April of 2017. The inaugural year’s theme for this Documentary and grand Gala is, “KEEP ON MOVING”. This speaks to, not only the patient and their support groups, as exercise and movement have been proven to improve patient’s symptoms and quality of life but, it is speaks to everyone to do something, to move and forge ahead, understanding the disease and in helping support the research of this debilitating chronic disease that has no cure. It is reported that 60,000 new diagnoses a year in the U.S. are recorded. It is very likely that someone in your general circle of influence has some stage of Parkinson’s. Over 1 million people in the U.S. alone suffer from this chronic disease.


Our goal with the Documentary and Gala is to educate people about this disease and to have a tool to raise money for Parkinson’s Research. An informational documentary will be produced and previewed at the Ball and will be made available to viewers globally. This Documentary, focusing on the life of Disney Director John Cherry and NHL player and Coach Brent Peterson of the Nashville Predators, will be a means for education and encouragement as well as a continual fundraiser for research. In order to meet this goal, we are asking for sponsorships and grants from local, regional and national businesses and individuals such as yourself.


By supporting this project you will be supporting the Brent Peterson Foundation, the Michael J. Fox Foundation and the National Parkinson’s Foundation in the research and education of Parkinson’s. Vanderbilt University Medical center will be the recipient of many of the research dollars and are an integral partner in the making of the documentary. Your tax deductible financial support for the documentary and event will be recognized at our event and in our media in several ways outlined on the sponsorship level document. We ask that you consider sponsoring at a level that is generous and yet comfortable for you or your company. Please note we are also looking for sponsorships in the way of large ticket items (cars, boats, trips, jewelry) and other auction and raffle items. We need a total of $600,000 in operational funds to produce this event and $350,000 for the internationally distributed documentary.


We hope that we can count on you to help support this important cause and will join us at this wonderful, eventful evening. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at the below number or email.


Thank you in advance for your consideration!


Keep on Moving!

Charlie Brown

Mr. Michael Carnes

Pallet Productions 501c3 (a division of Artists for Community Transformation)

PO Box 1966

Brentwood, TN 37024-1966


Mr. Carnes,

The Metro Nashville Police Department Christmas Charities has been providing underprivileged families in Davidson County with toys and food for Christmas since 1961. This non-profit charity relies on donations from citizens, police employees, and generous businesses. Our program has grown greatly over time which means that the need for donations has grown as well.


This year, along with our regular donations, we are pleased to partner with and be the recipients of donations from Pallet Productions-from their production of “A Charlie Brown Christmas”.  We will be available to take donations before and after this free performance of this Classic Christmas play and hope you will join us in making sure thousands of children can watch this special Christmas gift to our community and thus receiving even more food and gifts from this project. The Nashville Predators have graciously agreed to partner with this event as well.


Your assistance and partnership in making this a reality, and providing a wonderful Christmas for many needy children and families, will be much appreciated.


We thank you in advance for your support.


Michele Donegan

Chief Elf – MNPD Christmas Chartities

Honoring Our Champions

Positive Character traits to be communicated: Honor,  integrity, kindness, truthfulness & honesty, chivalry, compassion, diligence, dependability, faithfulness, friendliness, giving, grateful, forgiving, ethical, humble, loyal, peaceful, patient, respectful, reverent, responsible, thoughtful, thankful, sincerity, selflessness, teach ability, wisdom, tolerance and understanding.


Executives, Entertainers, Sports figures will be our guests to assist in sharing the stories of our Champions.



To honor those in our midst who have exhibited good character and given above and beyond of themselves to be a champion in our society and who made a difference in someone’s life.


Executive Summary:

Palette Productions, a not for profit production company, will produce a weekly 30 minute talk  radio show with successful guest speakers; executives, entertainers and sports figures, to report stories of everyday people who do extraordinary things in our society and to honor them by sharing their stories.  These ‘Champions’ will be first responders, regular people who go out of their way to give and help others, military and medical personnel. “Honoring our Champions”, will be an encouraging forum to admire people of character who represent positive character traits and give of themselves selflessly.


Business Description:

The weekly Sunday Morning show will be produced at Hippie Radio in Nashville, TN., (94.5 fm) initially for Nashville’s local audience. Nashville/Middle TN. listening market has nearly two million people and the Hippie website also boasts over 50,000 on line listeners outside of the Nashville market.  ‘Honoring our Champions’ will have its own web page and global listenership through an internet presence and will be adding other radio markets as it becomes a syndicated show.  Therefore, we are estimating that cost per impressions over the year would be pennies per impression. The web site will have additional stories of ‘Champions’ and will encourage a forum to honor those that do not get mentioned on the radio show and have space for banner ads from supporting companies.


Aftermarket avenues will be books outlining many of the stories as well as workbooks dedicated to promoting character in our communities, especially the youth.  ‘Honoring our Champions’ will begin a traveling forum to High Schools, with community leaders and celebrities giving “Champion Talks”.  Sharing stories, videos and encouraging a foundation of Character in our youth.  They will communicate how important having character is in our society today and how that will help in their entrance to the work force.


The Need:

For a year commitment, a 52 week, 30 minute production of the show, funds are required and your partnership will be tax deductible as Palette Productions is a not for profit production company. If you are a company or foundation looking to commit to and sponsor the show, you will be recognized on the radio and the web for gifts over $1000 a month.  For at least $500 a month you will be listed on the web with a hyperlink to your site, under $500 you will be listed as a supporting donor on the web with your logo.  If you are an individual, you will have your tax receipt for your donation and only recognized if you so wish to be recognized. Commit to a monthly gift of $200, $350 or $500.  A Title sponsor’s suggested commitment is $1000 a week.  Your consideration is greatly appreciated.

Help us Help others by your generous tax deductible, onetime or continuous monthly gifts. Partner with us on a particular project or to our general Operating funds that help reduce the costs of all projects Palette Productions are involved with.